Сopy backup data between cloud accounts without decrypting / decompressing data first

In CB Explorer if you have data that was encrypted and compressed in MSP Backup (or in CB explorer itself) and you want to copy it or move it to a different cloud account it will download the data and decrypt and decompress the data first before re-uploading it to the other account where it will encrypt it again and re-compress the data. This is VERY CPU intensive and limits your speed on a high bandwidth connection as you will be CPU limited. The use case for this is if you want to change the cloud account you are using for your MSP backups. (See the KB articles on seeding data for a guide) But if you want to keep the data encrypted and compressed your Explorer client will not allow you to simply transfer the files without "touching" the data. Please add a "seeding" mode that does not decompress or decrypt the copied data. It could simply be smart enough to notice that you have compress and encrypt checked and the data would end up the same so just don't bother to decrypt and waste all that CPU time.