MakeBackup/RMM Version Update More Streamlined

Currently, where there is an upate to either Backup or RMM, we go through an manually choose "make sandbox" and then "make public" for each version upgrade separately for each OS. Each action has to complete before we can go through the process for the next OS. Sometimes it takes around 30 to 40 minutes to get all the way through this process as it seems to take the builds a while to process (especially backup software). I've attached a screenshot of what I'm talking about. We need a simpler method. I would like to see an option on each software download's page that says group action with two buttons "make sandbox" and make "public" and then couple this with an "Apply" button. This would still allow us to individually make a new version sandbox and the make that public for each OS for each product. And, it would offer flexiblity for doing one or both (sandbox and/or make public) of these tasks for all the OS's on the tab. This would save us quite a bit of time for when new versions come out (especially for the backup client that can take a long time to process).