MSP360 Backup for Windows 7.4

## *with New Backup Format Support and Improved Backup Efficiency for Hyper-V and VMware* **Summary** With MSP360 Backup 7.4 (Backup for Windows), we are introducing a significant improvement for Hyper-V backups with MSP360. The new version comes with New Backup Format support for Hyper-V backups, Hyper-V Cluster support, the beta version of Change Block Tracking for Hyper-V. Also, we have improved application-consistent backups for VMware and Hyper-V. **New Backup Format for Hyper-V** Starting from version 7.4 New Backup Format is supported for Hyper-V backups, bringing all the benefits such as immutable backups, accelerated incremental backup, Synthetic Backup, client-side deduplication, GFS backup retention, consistency checks, increased object size limit from 5TB to 256TB, and more. **Hyper-V Cluster Support** With the new version, MSP360 Backup allows backing up virtual machines from separate nodes inside one Hyper-V cluster. Restore to Hyper-V cluster is also supported. > **What's Hyper-V Failover Cluster?** > > A Failover Cluster is a group of Hyper-V server nodes that are configured to work together for balancing the computing loads and to provide redundancy and failover to your virtual machines with little or no downtime. > > Learn more about Hyper-V clustering in the [Manage virtualization servers]( section at ****. ![image (23).png](BASE/products/956021337/changelog/8873/inline-1a62630fdbde431558b7365b4dda13e5.jpg) Learn more about using MSP360 Backup with Hyper-V Cluster in our [help article]( **Improved Application-Consistent Backup for Hyper-V and VMware** Version 7.4 also comes with improvements to application-consistent backup of Hyper-V virtual machines and advanced options to configure an application-consistent backup of virtual machines on VMware. For application-consistent backup of VMware server you can now pick one of the following options: * Back up virtual machines with application-consistency issues. * Skip virtual machines with application-consistency issues. * Do not use application-consistent backup. ![image2.png](BASE/products/956021337/changelog/8873/inline-4c9229fed730d4182a520b746c4328c2.jpg) For application consistent backup on Hyper-V server, the software performs backup based on the checkpoints configuration of the source virtual machine. ![image (24).png](BASE/products/956021337/changelog/8873/inline-844768efd509acda3cffd1361932b405.jpg) You can learn more about application-consistent backup configuration in our [help article]( **Improved Backup Efficiency with CBT for Hyper-V (BETA)** We are announcing the public beta of CBT (Change Block Tracking) for Hyper-V as part of the MSP360 Backup for Windows 7.4 release. CBT technology allows MSP360 customers to take advantage of much faster incremental backups for their virtual machines, which is achieved by the reduced time required to identify and read changed blocks of data on a virtual machine. Learn more about how to enable CBT for Hyper-V in MSP360 Backup in our [help article]( *Note: CBT with MSP360 Backup is supported for Windows 10 and later and Windows Server 2016 and later.*