New Backup Format for macOS and Linux (Beta)

The benefits of the New Backup Format are now available for macOS and Linux Backup users, including: * **Client-side deduplication** – reduce the time, bandwidth, and storage consumption by avoiding uploading identical files in different folders. * ** Consistency checks** – check the state of data backed up in your storage and verify its consistency. * **Restore points** – ensure that the backup dataset is valid to be restored if the restore point is valid. * **Optimized operations with storage** – get fewer requests, faster synchronization, and faster purge. * **Continued upload** – data will be uploaded in parts, resulting in a continuous process in case of network issues. * Object size up to 256TB to any storage destination. * Optimized performance and storage usage for a large number of small files. **Note:** In the beta version, synthetic full backup, GFS (Grandfather-Father-Son), Forever Forward Incremental backup, and object lock are currently unavailable. The Quick Restore application will allow files to be restored from macOS/Linux backups to a Windows computer or source computer running under macOS/Linux OS. The Quick Restore application for macOS/Linux is not yet available.