SNMP Monitoring (beta)

The complexity of this feature led MSP360 to release a light version of SNMP monitoring. Click the SNMP button on the RMM side panel of the machine you want to discover the devices on to begin the SNMP discovery process. SNMP device pages display general information about network devices, such as their IP address, name, type, and status. ![SNMP device page - small.jpg](BASE/products/956021337/changelog/15228/inline-7239efdadeff0054ee38c4eb0c8bc2ec.jpg) Once you click the device name, a side panel will appear with the device's OID list. There is a limitation to the number of OID details that can be displayed in the beta version. ![SNMP details - small.jpg](BASE/products/956021337/changelog/15228/inline-3db57d6a71d547504bb9446d272bede1.jpg)