RMM for Linux (beta)

MSP30 is excited to announce a good news for Linux users. We have added support for Linux devices in version 1.5 of RMM. You can now monitor the performance of your Linux devices from the MBS console and receive alerts if anything goes wrong. Check the Downloads section to find different options for installing the RMM agent for Linux, from a direct link to download the build to a bush script for installing the agent on Linux. ![Downloads - small.jpg](BASE/products/956021337/changelog/15226/inline-74713f4aa96ee7777aa87c71532aeb87.jpg) Currently, RMM for Linux supports the following Linux systems: * Ubuntu 12.04/.../22, * Debian 10.x/.../11.x, * SUSE Enterprise 12 SP2/15, openSUSE 15.x, * Red Hat 7.x/ .../9.x, * Fedora 33/.../37, * CentOS 7.x/8.x, * Oracle Linux 7.x/.../9.x. The beta version provides basic information for monitoring the critical performance parameters, process and daemon management, software uninstallation, alerting and much more. ![RMM for Linux - small.jpg](BASE/products/956021337/changelog/15226/inline-a0cde231231d9853634c366d079145c5.jpg) Check out the [help section](https://help.mspbackups.com/remote-management/rmm-service/about-rmm) for more information on the features supported by the first RMM for Linux version.