Forever Forward Incremental Backup⏩

We're excited to introduce MSP360 Backup 6.3, which comes with Forever Forward Incremental Backup and Intelligent Retention. This addition to the New Backup Format allows storing only one backup generation, including one full backup followed by a series of increments. This new feature helps to reduce storage requirements for the New Backup Format. Starting from version MSP360 Backup 6.3 and Windows Backup 7.8, Forever Forward Incremental backups are available only with the New Backup Format and for Amazon S3, Wasabi, Azure, Backblaze B2, and S3-compatible storage services. *Please note that the Forever Forward Incremental option doesn't support local storage, S3 Glacier Flexible Retrieval, S3 Glacier Deep Archive, or Azure Archive. **Also, you need to update the Backup for Windows agents to version 7.8 or higher. *** To enable this option, create a new backup plan or edit an existing one, go to the **Schedule Options** step and select the **Forever Forward Incremental** option. ## Avoid Early Deletion Fee with Intelligent Retention With Forever Forward Incremental, we have also introduced the Intelligent Retention option. When enabled, the software automatically checks cloud storage for a minimum retention period and adjusts your settings accordingly. As a result, you will not pay for duplicated data on storage in case of minimum storage duration and retention policy misconfiguration.