Script Library in MSP360 RMM

Another equally important update in version 1.4 is a Script Library. On this page, you can either use ready-made scripts from the library or add your own script to the script repository. ![Script-Library.jpg](BASE/products/956021337/changelog/13582/inline-1206c2ca061ddd70200fce146f763323.jpg) Overall, the following script categories are available: * **General.** MSP360 has prepared and added a number of common PowerShell scripts to the “General” category to simplify Windows maintenance tasks. Read-only access to these scripts is granted to anyone who has access to the Backup Service account. * **Private.** It is common for IT engineers to perform the same daily routine tasks in a particular way and to take on a variety of particular tasks during their workday. Administrators can create their own script repository in the “Private” category, so they can use it in specific scenarios and for specific purposes. * **Public.** By sharing scripts for daily IT tasks between administrators, the “Public” category makes co-working within an administrative console even more efficient. Each administrator with access to the Backup Service account can view and use the scripts in this category.