Scheduled Tasks in MSP360 RMM

MSP360 RMM version 1.4 introduces scheduled RMM tasks, designed to simplify and increase the efficiency of IT administrators' work. Tasks are recurring group actions that can be executed multiple times on a group of selected computers with the set-and-forget principle. Click the New Group Action Task in the RMM Group Actions menu to create a task. ![RMM-group-actions.jpg](BASE/products/956021337/changelog/13580/inline-a438a9ba96872b78b65f87fb00ef4adf.jpg) You can schedule the following tasks: * Run a PowerShell script * Install Windows updates * Install/uninstall software ![RMM-group-actions-wizard.jpg](BASE/products/956021337/changelog/13580/inline-fd87e2b97c2ab7299b9b35950099f055.jpg) RMM group actions can now have three types of execution: **No Schedule (run manually)** Creates a group action that will not be executed immediately, but needs to be run manually. **Run Once** This creates a group action that is executed immediately on all online computers selected. If a computer is offline at the time of the task execution, it is assigned a pending state and the action is executed as soon as the computer comes online. **Specific Date** Allows you to create a recurring task that starts according to a specific schedule. The system executes the task based on the local time at the endpoint. ![image1-1.png](BASE/products/956021337/changelog/13580/inline-a4770eeaca94c8e2c74f47cb716d7183.jpg) From now on, you don't have to wait until your computer is online to manually execute a PowerShell script, run a Windows update, or install/uninstall a program. All you have to do is create a task in the RMM Group Actions wizard and the system will take care of the rest. ![Task-created.jpg](BASE/products/956021337/changelog/13580/inline-106fc7f9d526fb19b1ceca191601b156.jpg)