MSP360 RMM for macOS (BETA)

MSP360 is excited to introduce the long-awaited and much-requested support for macOS endpoints. Currently, we support three macOS versions in MSP360 RMM 1.4: Big Sur 11.0, Monterey 12.0, and Catalina 10.15. From the Remote Management page, you can monitor the performance of macOS computers, such as disk space, CPU, and memory consumption. Colored indicators give you a clear idea of the health of your devices. ![Mac-on-the-RM-page.jpg](BASE/products/956021337/changelog/13578/inline-e2668994003db797fdbc317c34cd6d7e.jpg) Detailed information regarding the health and performance of macOS computers is provided in the following sections: * General * Computer Info * Task Manager * Installed Software * Patch Management * HDD/SDD Info * Printers * Diagnostic Crash Reports