Backup Plan Overdue Settings For Multiple Plans

With MSP360 Management Console 5.9.1 we released an option to configure and apply a global overdue setting to multiple backup plans in bulk. **What is Backup Plan Overdue Status** Backup plan overdue status indicates a backup plan that didn't start according to the schedule. It helps MSPs and backup administrators to identify missed backups and address possible issues. Overdue option can be configured for each individual plan in the Backup Plan Wizard on the "Schedule Options" step. **How To Configure Overdue Settinngs For Multiple Backup Plans** MSP360 Backup is designed to simplify backup management for MSPs and backup administrators by allowing them centrally manage hundreds of cumputers. Overdue status is critical to ensure backups are in current state and sometimes it's required to apply new or change an exisitng backup plan overdue settings on multiple computers. Instead of wasting hours on editing backup plans on each individual computer MSP360 allows to configure and apply global overdue settings to multiple backup plans in a few clicks. Go to [Compters>Monitoring/History page]( in the MSP360 Management Console and perform the following steps: 1. Check the plans you want to apply an overdue configuration to 2. Click "Set Overdue Options" link above the backup plans list 3. In the dialog specify which plans should be statused as overdue: * Backup plans that didn't start on schedule * Backup plans that didn't run for a specific period of time. 4. Click Apply. You are all set! ![Global_Overdue.gif](BASE/products/956021337/changelog/11641/inline-cef81dba83a590f0ad86550f01c94138.gif)