New Features and Improvements in July ✨

In addition to the new backup plan wizards for virtual machines, MSP360 Web Console 5.9.4 and MSP360 Windows Backup 7.6 bring the following features and improvements: **EFS encryption support** MSP360 Backup now supports backup and restore of the EFS-encrypted files "as is", i.e. in an encrypted state. EFS encryption setting is located on the "Advanced Options" step of the backup plan wizard and offers two options: * Decrypt EFS-encrypted files. This option is selected by default: when selected, EFS-encrypted files are backed up in the decrypted state * Keep EFS encryption. Select this option to back up EFS-encrypted files 'as is', in the encrypted state. Note that this option requires special attention since some issues decryption issues upon restoring to a location other than the source computer may occur This feature is only available in the File Backup plans with New Backup Format and Windows Backup version 7.6 or higher. [Learn more about EFS-encrypted File Backup]( ![Screenshot_3.png](BASE/products/956021337/changelog/11617/inline-c90829b48f286a3cd637bea960d55241.jpg) **Download a PDF invoice** Now you can download the invoice for the purchase directly from the Purchase History tab. To do this, click the Invoice button next to the required transaction. The invoice will open in a new tab. ![purchase_history_594.png](BASE/products/956021337/changelog/11617/inline-0529dc8795f123faa9ce60d30de04738.jpg) **New Backup Format Restore Improvements** In the latest releases, we also improved the restoration of large numbers of files for the New Backup Format and introduced a lightning-fast multi-thread restore of image-based, VMware and Hyper-V restore plans.